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Can We Guess Your Age ONLY On Your Sexual Experience?

This quiz is not for any delicate, blushing flowers. We’re going to get up close and personal. That’s right — we’re going to ask about your sex life, and it’s going to get a little bit raunchy. Let’s talk about sex, baby. Release your inhibitions and tell us how you kiss, what’s the kinkiest you’ve gotten, etc., etc. It turns out that your sex life can reveal more about you than you ever imagined. In just 12 easy questions, we’ll determine exactly how old you are, and you will never believe how accurate we are.

Don’t worry; we won’t kiss and tell. No lady (or gent) likes to have their age revealed. We’ll keep it between the two of us (unless you want to share with all your friends, of course). So click on the start button. We double dog dare you. Let’s get intimate and find out what age you actually are. This is the sexy quiz that you never knew you wanted.