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Can You Finish These Iconic Harry Potter Quotes?

So you’re a Potterhead, eh? You’ve known your Hogwarts house since you were just a kid, your copies of the books are tattered with rereads, and you can quote half of the movies. You can beat just about any trivia test out there, and you can name even the most minor of characters. You’re without a doubt the biggest Harry Potter fan you know. Well, we’re about to take HP trivia to the next level. You’ll have to know more than who killed Dumbledore. We’re talking quotes — exactly who said what and which words they used. That’s right: We want to know if you can directly quote the books. This is going to take more than just some HP love. You’ll have to have a memory like a steel trap, a way with words, and some SERIOUS Harry Potter knowledge. This quiz will be as tough as the O.W.L.s. Will we keep quoting Harry Potter after all this time? Always.