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Pick The Worst Fashion Trends And We’ll Guess Your Exact Age

There have been some bad fashion trends over the years. But which ones were the worst? This quiz will ask you to you pick the worst fashion trends of all time, from cargo shorts to JNCO Jeans to butterfly clips and blue eyeshadow. Once you get over the horrible flashbacks from your past fashion mistakes, choose which eyesores offend you the most, and based on your answers, we will surmise exactly how old you are. You know what they say! They say that fashion sense is the window to the soul. OK, maybe they don’t say that, but they should because it makes sense. Your taste in clothes, and your…well, distaste, will reveal your real age inside and out. So bust out that tube top, start teasing your hair, and rub your entire body with glitter like the good old days because this quiz is about to show you what’s up!