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If You’re A Real Sweetie, Play This Candy-Themed “Would You Rather” Quiz & We’ll Tell You Which Word Best Describes Your Personality

We’ve all played “Would You Rather” before, and if we’re being totally honest, it is probably the most difficult game in all the land. Well, we are sorry to do this to you, but we are about to throw you into a veritable lion’s den of hard “Would You Rather” questions. These are all centered around the world’s most delectable diversion…candy. This quiz will ask you to make 12 impossible decisions involving chocolate, gummies, and other types of your favorite sweet treats.Snickers or Milky Way? Dots or Mike and Ike? Regular-sized or mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? This will be tough. Sorry not sorry.

But it will all be worth it because the candies you choose will reveal the word that best describes you. And even though we made up all the questions and all the answers, this quiz has proven to be 100 percent accurate*. So get choosing!

*No it has not.