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Which Action Movie Hunk Is Right For You Based On Your Personality?

There is nothing like curling up on the couch, grabbing a big bowl of popcorn, and pressing play on a heart-pounding action movie. But while others may find the explosions and car chases thrilling, you are only watching to check out those hunky action guys. I mean, come on! They are handsome, they are buff, they are sweaty, they are kicking some serious ass. What more could you want? While we love all the action stars of Hollywood, you can’t have them all. That just is not how life works. So, this quiz will tell you which one of the many hunky guys of Hollywood matches your personality best. Is it the suave and sexy Daniel Craig? Or is it the hilarious and also sexy Chris Pratt? This quiz asks the most important question there is in the whole wide world: Who is your ideal beefcake? Answer a few personality-related questions and we will reveal the answer!