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Who’s Your Celebrity One Night Stand?

It is super fun to fantasize about a celebrity dream date leading to some naughty fun. We all have these fantasies. We all have our “list.” But which celebrity would actually be your one-night stand? The connection forged for one night in heaven is totally different from the person you’d date or marry. The bond has to be fiery, passionate, immediate, and physical. This person is going to be your partner in love for one night only. So who is it going to be? Which famous dreamboat would you actually hit it off with? Which gorgeous person would sweep you off your feet, carry you into their hotel room (because they’re only in town for one night, of course, and they can’t spend another minute without you), and have a whirlwind adventure with you that lasts only a few hours? 

Take this quiz to see which beau or belle is best suited for you!