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We Can Guess What Your Soulmate’s Name Is Based On These Questions About Your Exes

Your awful exes are a really good indicator of who you’re going to end up with. Yes, really. No one likes dwelling on the past, especially if it hurts. Admittedly, not all exes are created equally. Some were great relationships and some of them are shame-inducing to even think about – we’d erase that chapter of our lives if we could! Alas, until time machines are invented, we’re all stuck here dealing with past traumas like everybody else. But, while we’re here, let’s crack into that shall we?

Those past relationships didn’t work out for a reason, right? Why? If you tell us the basic bare-bones facts (as well as a few questions about your feelings – sorry!) about what went down, we’ll tell you the name of the person you’re going to end up with. Yes, really. Your one true blue, ride-or-die soulmate, together forever person.

Are you ready for that game changing information? You tell us!