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This College Quiz Will Uncover If You’ve Got The Skills In Bed

Everyone knows that college is a time to learn about yourself and others, to find out what you’re good at, and to explore the world. It’s a time to experiment. Yeah, that’s right. We’re talking about sex. Getting’ good in bed is an integral part of the college experience, because when else are you going to be that close to that many young and attractive people?

Jump in our time travel machine and head back to college to tell us all about what your days looked like. Were you an English lover or a science freak? Pre-med scholar or just skating by (Cs get degrees, baby)? We’ll take a look at how you spent your days during those glorious college times, and see if you learned the most important skills in life: how to be totally banging at banging.

So buckle down and get studying, and we’ll see if you prioritized what’s truly important in life.