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Can You Pass High School Sex Ed?

Sex. It’s something everybody does and it’s ultimately how everybody came into existence. As long as human beings have graced this Earth, knowing how sex and the reproductive system works have been vital for the continuation of our species. Because of this, schools have a duty to educate the masses on sexual anatomy, contraceptives, and diseases. Knowing how it all works really is a human responsibility. How well do you understand sexual education? Would you be able to pass a basic high school sex ed. exam today? If you know how birth control works, ways women get pregnant, and understand reproductive anatomy, you should easily pass this quiz. If not, then it’s time to study! The average high school student can score 10/12 on this sex ed. quiz and you should, too. Answer these 12 questions on contraceptives, anatomy, sexually transmitted diseases, and conception to prove that you received a proper education on sex!