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The Zombies Are Coming: Will You Survive?

We all knew that it would happen one day. The virus would come. The darkness would fall. The end of the world, and inevitably, the zombies.

They’re coming for you, and you have only your wits, your skills, and your immediate surroundings to help you. Run to escape, build up your house as a fortress, or gather a weaponry stash to fight back. Whatever you do, survival is a priority and you have no idea how long you have left. But your talents and ability to make decisions will make a big difference in the final outcome.

We’ll walk with you through this apocalyptic danger zone and see just how well your skills stack up. Can you outrun, outlast, outlive, and defeat the zombie hordes that are coming for you? Or will you perish before the first wave has even passed?

Let’s jump into the dark depths of the zombie apocalypse and see how well you can survive.