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This Steamy Quiz Will Reveal The Title of the Romance Novel Based on Your Life

Your love life is full of drama. Everyone’s is. But we’re going to make it just a little bit more dramatic. We’ll take that tiff with your ex, or the steamy one-night stand you had and create a lusty, luscious story out of it. That’s right: we’re going to turn your life into a romance novel, full of hot bods, passionate kisses, and plot twists so sharp they could cut through skin.

All you have to do is tell us a little bit about you — your relationships, your history, your likes and your dislikes. With our magic, we’ll spin them into a romantic tale you never knew you wanted, based entirely on your life.

Let’s get started, so that you can spend more time thinking about the rock-hard abs of your love interest, and the, ahem, passionate deeds that the two of you will get up to at least once every chapter.