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Find Out Which Swear Word Matches Your Personality From These Random Questions

This test is so %$#*@ amazing, you won’t #$*%# believe how $*@%%# accurate it is at guessing which swear word you are! Words are powerful, especially swear words. They each have their own meaning (obviously), personality, and general vibe that go along with them. And you do too!

Your personality matches a curse word that’s out there. It is just a matter of taking this quiz to find out which one you are! You will answer some seemingly random questions about your daily habits. You will answer other questions that ask you to pick something. Here, we want you to go with your gut, trust your instinct, and make a choice without hesitation. This is the only way our Magiquiz wizards will be able to discover which curse word matches your personality the best.

Remember, it is not necessarily the word that you use the most often. It is the one you are most like.