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Inside the hospital there are several emaciated Walkers, but they look relatively harmless...what do you do?


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  • Groan.

  • Leave them be — ammunition is too precious to waste.

  • Keep my distance, but force myself to look — I’m not afraid.

  • Kill them; it’s the most merciful thing to do.

  • Cover the children’s eyes — they don’t need to see this.



Pick a non-traditional weapon.


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    Car door
    Baseball bat



You just killed a Walker. How do you feel?


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  • Angry

  • Kinda sad

  • I feel nothing

  • Frustrated

  • Over it

  • Excited



As you turn a corner near the pharmacy, you run into a man with a rifle pointed right at you. What now?


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  • Calm him down, and try to find out his story.

  • Draw my revolver — gotta let him know he’s not the first guy to stick a gun in my face.

  • Yell for help, and then run as fast as I can!

  • Push the gun aside, and give him a piece of my mind!

  • Keep quiet, and wait for my moment. I’ve dealt with angry men before.



You head to the pharmacy alone, where there's a wealth of supplies. You...


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  • Call for the others, then strategize how to carry as much back as possible.

  • Grab as much as I can; we can always return for more later.

  • Grab some drugs, but see if I can get something in return before handing them over…

  • Take just what I need. Others might be stopping by to look for supplies, too.

  • See if there’s anything to eat.



Back at camp, your fellow survivor's condition looks to be untreatable. What are you going to do?


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  • Give her the medicine — there’s more where that came from.

  • Don’t waste the medicine…and get my gun ready.

  • Comfort her, but keep her away from the rest of the group.

  • Take whatever I can from her.

  • Hide the medicine, and tell the others I lost it — they’ll thank me for it later.



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