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Can You Pass This Will Ferrell Movie Trivia?

The man, the legend, the actor. You may know him by many faces as he transforms, chameleon-like, into every role he takes. But what do you know about those roles? Can you name the four basic Elf food groups? Are you up to date on the sleepwalking escapades undertaken by a certain character of his?

Yes, we’re talking about Will Ferrell, and yes, we expect that you’ve seen Anchorman at least five times already (let’s be honest, it’s probably closer to ten). But we’re going to go a little bit deeper than the box-office smash hits. We’re going to see if you’re a true fan, who knows everything from Ferrell’s obvious popular hits to his more offbeat quirky films. We’ll make memories, we’ll learn something, we’ll all grow.

This quiz is going to test all the Ferrell knowledge you’ve got, so pull out your copy of Step Brothers and see if Zoolander is streaming anywhere — and see if you can keep up.