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Just How Awful Are You?

All of us have some less than perfect qualities. Maybe you squeeze the toothpaste from the middle of the tube, or perhaps you’re just the kind of person who turns every interaction into a passive aggression battle. But some of us have more of these, ahem, awful qualities than others.

Deep down you probably know where you fall. You see all the dark and dirty deeds you do when no one else is watching. Well, we’re about to expose all those nasty little habits that you think you’re keeping secret.

Are you unintentionally and constantly doing a hundred tiny things that drive others to the edge? Are your supposedly innocent habits actually the total worst? Is your awful behavior buried so deep that it’s secret even from you?

Never fear. We won’t leave you guessing whether or not you’re actually that jerk in the office that everyone hates.

We’re going to find out just how awful you are.