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What American Accent Do You Actually Have?

America is such a rich, diverse melting pot that each region has its own distinct accent and even dialect. While some people might be embarrassed by their accent, it can actually say a lot about your personality and reflect on how you grew up. Accents can be comforting and keep you tied to your roots. Do you have a Southern drawl, which evokes images of cowboys and rodeos? Or a New England quip, which brings up thoughts of rocky coastlines, lobsters, and stunning lighthouses? Do you have the laid-back accent of a true Californian? Or are you more inclined to say the phrase “you betcha” like a bonafide Minnesotan? By just asking you a few basic questions, we’ll be able to narrow down which part of the country you hail from and tell you exactly what your accent is. Ready to see if we can get it right? Sit back, relax, and let’s get started!