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Can We Guess Where You Grew up Based on Your Taste in Snacks?

Snacks are literally the best — they’re comfort food in its purest form. A snack gives you exactly what you want when you need it, without having to survive the food coma that usually follows a whole meal. It’s also worth noting that nothing is quite as comforting as home. Your choice in snack food is actually a pretty spot-on predictor as to where you grew up. It’s all those snack choices you made in your formative years that inform your taste today. What you reach for when you need to eat something that’s going to take the edge off before dinner says a whole lot about who you are inside.

We all have regional, weird food tics and habits that others might think are very strange. Other people might think your snack obsession is just plain weird. But we know how important snacks are. They are a very big deal. In fact, they’re such a big deal that we can figure out where you grew up just by your taste in snacks. Take this quiz to see if we’re right.