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Can We Guess Your Relationship Status?

Everyone has a different opinion about being single. Some people hate it and can’t wait to be back in a relationship. Some people (often people in relationships *cough cough*) think it’s the absolute best because you only have to answer to yourself. Being single at the club is fun until all your friends get coupled up.

Being single and being in a relationship both have their perks and downsides, but we’re really here to do is to guess where you sit on the relationship scale. Are you just starting to date someone? Are you just texting a couple of romantic prospects at the same time?
Are you in a long, committed relationship? Are you in a relationship but looking to jet ASAP? Or are you single as a pringle like the writer of this quiz? *Teeny tiny violin plays quietly in the background*

Let’s get to it!

What’s your relationship status? Shh! Don’t tell us! Answer these questions and we’ll guess!