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Find Out Whether You Can Recognize These 12 Unusual Animals By Passing This Quiz!

Dogs, cats, capybaras axolotls… Wait, what were those last two? It’s almost impossible to know the name of every species that lives in every corner of the world. But some animals are super special and unique and totally bizarre. For instance, do you know the difference between a wombat and fossa? What about an oryx and markhor? It takes a true fan of animals of all kinds to know the strange species covered in this quiz. Being able to tell a dog from a cat from a giraffe isn’t enough to pass this test. Only a true animal lover can even get at least half of these right! Do you know those cute, smiling Australian animals that like to take selfies? Or the tiny antelope that lives in Africa? If so, we think you would do very well with the MagiQuiz unusual animal test. Answer these twelve questions to see just how well you know the world’s cutest and uncommon animals!