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Can You Pass This 3rd Grade Weather Quiz?

Whether the weather is cold, hot, wet, or dry, you can always rely on the weather as a topic of conversation. But other than what you feel and see, do you actually know much about meteorology? The average 10-year-old can pass this quiz, and a meteorologist can score 12/12. Do you know what a barometer is? Cumulus, stratus, and cirrus are types of what weather phenomenon? Do you know which layer of the atmosphere we live in, or what direction a tornado rotates? Though you can not control the weather, you can definitely control what you know about how it works and how to be prepared for any condition. When the sky is red at morning, you had better take warning! It’s going to be a wet and messy day. See if you know how many volts are in an average lightning bolt, how much wind is needed for a blizzard, or what defines a hurricane!