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Can You Identify The Brand Of Candy Bar In This Black And White Quiz?

Sure, yes, there are important things in this world that you should probably spend some time educating yourself about. There’s a whole slew of current events that could use your attention right about now. Do you know who won the Oscar for Best Picture? You should probably brush up on your like, local elections and things like that, too. But here is the thing. None of those very important aspects of life are as fun as trying to identify candy bars after we’ve stripped them of their colors. We promise. This quiz is way more fun.

Are you a total candy bar addict? Can you spot your favorite treat a mile away? That’s exactly what this quiz aims to find out. So go ahead. We dare ya. Press that “Start the quiz!” button and prove to us that you know your candy. And then, you know, go learn about global climate change or whatever.