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80 Percent of Americans Can Match These Car Logos To Their Brands. Can You?

Not everyone can drive an Aston Martin, but everyone can learn car logos! You probably drive every single day… If you do not, you probably at least see a bunch of cars on the road. But how closely are you paying attention? Can you identify the most common car logos out there? You might think you can, but there is only one way to really find out. This might be a case of thinking you are paying way more attention and are way more observant than you actually are. Or maybe you are a total car person and a veritable logo expert! But be very careful… Some car logos are verrrrrry similar to some others. Can you tell a Honda from a Hyundai? Do you know exactly what the Mercedes logo looks like? Do you, though? There is only one way to find out. Buckle up and let’s take this quiz!