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Choose the Best Names for These Babies and We’ll Tell You How Many Kids You’ll Have

Choosing the perfect name for your kids can be a pretty tricky decision. It’s the name they’ll have for the rest of their lives, so it’s not something to be chosen lightly. While it may be tempting to choose something hip and trendy, a name that may be cool and unique-sounding now could become totally weird or dated in the next few years. So what type of name would you give a baby boy? Something classic and timeless like John or Michael? Or something more interesting such as Maddox or Bronx? And what about a little girl? Would you select a family name that’s been passed down for generations? Or something more modern, such as Abra, Delaney, or Guthrie?

We’ll show you a series of adorable babies, and you choose which name best suits them. Then, we’ll reveal how many kids you’ll have! Ready to hear your future? Let’s get naming!