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What Do Your Favorite Donalds Say About Your Personality?

The stoic name Donald comes from Gaelic name Dòmhnall, meaning “world ruler.” Several Gaelic kings and noblemen inspired the popular name that many men in the English speaking world go by today. People named Donald, Don, Donnie, and the like have played important roles throughout history, making an impact in world sports, politics, music, film, and television. No matter where you look, the world is full of Dons.

What do your favorite Dons say about your personality? Believe it or not, whether you prefer Donald Glover or Donald Trump can say a lot about who you are. People with a sharp sense of humor might be drawn to Don Imus, while those who are ambitious may prefer watching Donald Sutherland movies. Your favorite Don Cheadle films can also indicate whether you’re brutally honest, compassionate, or of superior intelligence. Choose between our list of famous Dons to find out your greatest quality!