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Pick A Pasta And We’ll Predict Your Perfect Career

Maybe you’re a sophomore in college and your mom is nagging you because you’re still undeclared. Maybe you’ve been doing the same thing for the last 15 years and are looking for a change. Maybe you looked at the title of this quiz and thought, “really?”. What better way to find out your ideal career, the thing you’ll spend the better part of your life doing, the way you’ll put bread (pasta?) on the table, than a one question internet quiz!

Is your favorite pasta fusilli? Maybe you should be a contortionist. Do you just love linguini? Ugh, you’re so boring, you should be a lawyer. You get the idea. So before I give away anymore fake results, I think it’s time you take this quiz already! Compare with all your facebook friends so you know who you should and shouldn’t invite to your next big pasta party that we all have.