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Do You Know the Meaning Behind These Sailor Tattoos?

In the 21st century, anyone can have a tattoo for any reason. But the tattoos on the bodies of sailors have special meanings. Traditional nautical ink art represents different milestones, accomplishments, struggles, and superstitions for the men who have spent life at sea. Have you ever wondered what the nautical five-pointed star represents? What about a rope design around the wrist? Many people don’t know that swallow birds represent a number of nautical miles traveled, or how many miles each one is for. Which ocean did a sailor cross if he has an anchor on his body? What about a full-sail ship? If you can figure out what color dragon a sailor gets inked up when he crosses the international date line, which country he went to with a regular old dragon, or which aquatic animal is a badge of crossing the equator, you should be able to pass this quiz! Are you a landlubber or have you earned your sea legs? Answer these 12 tattoo questions to find out!