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Do You Know the Real Names of These 12 Famous Celebrities’?

Fancy yourself up to date with all of the latest Hollywood gossip? Are you a total celebrity expert? Well, we will just see about that. Only a totally celebrity-obsessed person will know all the real names of these celebrities. Some of you might not even know that Natalie Portman is not actually her real name. Or that the Tina in Tina Fey is short for something. But what? If you know the answer, you should definitely take this quiz. If you don’t know the answer, you should still take the quiz so you can find out and impress all your friends. Did you know Dame Helen Mirren is in fact, Dame Something Else? “Something Else” isn’t her name, but something else is… This quiz is will test the depths of your celebrity knowledge like no quiz that has come before it. Are you a stalker-level celebrity fan or just a casual consumer of movies and TV? Only this celebrity name quiz will tell you.