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Do You Know What These Kitchen Gadgets Are REALLY Used For?

No one beats grandma’s cooking, but you can sure try! When it comes to killing it in the kitchen, a few innovative tools can make meal prep a breeze. Do you know what these strange culinary gadgets are used for? Only a true chef will be able to tell which of these items are meant for slicing cheese, slicing apples, or spiralizing zucchini for a healthy option of pasta. Can you tell which of these items are meant for sifting flour, sharpening knives, or mincing garlic? If you can score even 10/12 on this quiz, we would trust your culinary expertise for making any kind of meal, and you should probably invite us for dinner. Have you spent much time perfecting your favorite recipe or do you go out to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? If you fail to identify at least half of these kitchen gadgets, we think you should learn how to cook a good meal! Take this quiz to test your culinary IQ.