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Who Are Your Favorite Celebrities’ Famous Parents?

If you want to be a celebrity, it’s easier to become one if you already know one. But it’s even easier if your parents can show you the ropes! You might be surprised by how many celebrities have parents who are also famous. From movie stars to musicians to politicians, fame and stardom definitely run through blood. Do you know which celebrities are offspring of others? Who’s Josh Brolin’s stepmother? How about Rashida Jones’ father? You surely know whose daughter is Jamie Lee Curtis. Unless you were born yesterday, we there is no way you can fail this quiz. We totally expect you to pass or even ace this test. Are you keeping up with the Kravitzes or following the Fishers? Match these twelve celebrity parent-child pairs to prove that you know what’s going on! If you fail this quiz, your sentence is to read twelve tabloid magazines until you can score adequately. Let’s find out if you know these famous families!