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How Well Do You Remember “AHS: Coven”? Take the Quiz

American Horror Story always has a great theme every season. One of biggest fan favorites by far was Coven. Set in the historically bewitching city of New Orleans, Coven follows a group of young witches on a journey to discover their powers and find out who will be the next supreme leader of them all. Packed with enchanting lady badassery and some wicked sass, this was a season not to be missed. How well do you know American Horror Story: Coven? Take our quiz to find out!


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How does Cordelia get her sight back?


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  • Myrtle melon-balls out the Council’s eyes.

  • Misty uses her powers to heal her.

  • Fiona takes Madame Lalaurie’s eyes.

  • She steals Hank’s eyes.

  • Marie Laveau brings her animal eyes.

  • Madison takes eyes from a dead guy.