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True Fleetwood Mac fans can answer these 12 questions about their song lyrics. Can you?

Fleetwood Mac is debatably the greatest musical group to grace the world in the 20th century. During the era of disco and folk rock, Fleetwood Mac was able to create a genre all their own. Today, people both young and old still reminisce over the amazing tracks produced by the legendary group. How well do you know their musical discography?

They’ve had a lot of wonderful hits over the past several decades. There are so many lyrics to learn so you can properly sing along to all of their amazing hits. Are you a true Fleetwood Mac fan? If you can answer at least ten of these twelve questions, you can consider yourself a real Fleetwood fan. Can you sing every word of “Tusk,” or are you more familiar with the Rumours album? Well, what are you waiting for? Take this quiz to prove that you really know the difference between “Rhiannon” and “Dreams”!