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How Well Do You Remember the First Harry Potter Movie?

When the first Harry Potter book came out, children and adults everywhere were completely enchanted by the adventures of a special little boy and his two quirky sidekicks. As the series progressed, the story grew with its readers, and by the final book, the world of Harry Potter had become something so massive, intricate, and magical that it’s hard to believe it was all created by just one woman.

So when it was announced that films would be made of the beloved series, everyone FREAKED. OUT. HP fans had a whole new vehicle for their obsession, and we were able to see our favorite stories brought to life on the big screen. The result? Nothing short of magical. So how well do YOU remember the first film? Are you such a huge Harry Potter fan that you’ve memorized the whole thing? Or are you still pretty fuzzy on the details? Take this quiz to test your skills!