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How Well Do You Understand Cat Behavior?

Meow! Whether a cat is happy, hungry, angry, or affectionate, your feline will do its best to communicate its thoughts and feelings to you. Even though kitties can’t say words, they use meows, purrs, hisses, and head rubs to tell you what’s on their mind. How well do you know what certain cat behavior means? Do you know what a cat does when it’s feeling scared? What are some passive-aggressive acts of defiance? What are some weird things your kitty will do to say it loves you? If you’ve ever owned a cat, you likely will be able to score 10/12 on this quiz. People who do not like cats probably just don’t understand what kitty language is all about. If you have ever had a special relationship with a feline companion, you should know these important messages your kitties try to send. Take this quiz to see whether you actually can understand your favorite felines!