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It Was the Best of Quizzes, It Was the Worst of Quizzes: Can You Name These Classic Novels From Their Opening Lines?

Once upon a time…

It was a dark and stormy night…

Some opening lines are so well known they’re anything but inspirational. But here at MagiQuiz we’re all about quality. We’re not going to ask you about any clichés. We’ve searched far and wide for iconic, inspirational, and amazing opening lines of classic novels. These are sentences that— even if you’ve only read them once — stick with you.

We’ll ask you about the best of times and the worst of times, we’ll get up close and personal with Gregor Samsa and his terrifying transformation, and we’ll hear about just how NORMAL, very normal thank you very much, the Dursleys are. Wander with us through the pages of these books and we’ll see if you have the amazing talent of recognizing a book from just one sentence. Let’s get reading and see if you can navigate the waters of famous opening lines. Go on, show us your literary prowess!