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Only 1% Of People Can Name Every Grey’s Anatomy Doctor

Grey’s Anatomy, the show that built Shondaland, has run on ABC for 14 ENTIRE SEASONS! That’s plenty of room for Seattle’s best surgeons to go through some high stakes drama, major losses, groundbreaking medical procedures, and of course… a bajillion doctors coming and going through Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital (a.k.a. Seattle Grace Hospital).

Even true, die-hard fans can’t remember every single character, even if they were on every episode for seasons upon seasons. Why? There’s just not enough room in people’s brains for all that information! Unless of course, your brain is super big and full of knowledge because watching this show has basically put you through medical school, right? If that sounds like you, congratulations: you’re in the top 1% of people who can actually pass this quiz. Want to figure out where you stand in the world of Grey’s Anatomy trivia? Take this quiz and find out!