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Only a Dessert Expert Can Pass This Cake Trivia Quiz

Cake is one of the most perfect foods on Earth. We blow out candles on top of it with each passing year and we feed pieces of it to each other on the biggest day of our lives: our wedding day. With so many different types, everyone has their own unique favorite. So what’s yours? Are you a classic white-sponge-cake-with-vanilla-frosting type? Or is Devil’s food with dark chocolate frosting more your speed? Do you adore a dense and complex piece of carrot cake? Or does the thought of a vegetable in your cake make you want to gag?

While you may love all different types of cake, how much do you really know about it? Are you ready to test your knowledge of this delicious dessert? This quiz will judge whether you’re a cake expert or a clueless cake fan. Ready to go? Grab a fork and a napkin and let’s dig in!