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How Many Of These Sweet Dessert Questions Can You Answer?

Life is deliciously sweet. How well do you know popular desserts from around the world? Whether it’s knowing a treat’s country of origin, ingredients, or etymology, there ought to be a college course on everything there is to know about desserts. Do you know what country croissants are from, where the Baked Alaska was invented, or what goes into a pannacotta? What about Italian laws on the contents of gelato? Only a master baker, cake shop owner, professional confectioner, or someone with a sweet and extravagant tooth will be able to easily answer all 12 of these sweet but difficult dessert questions. Don’t blame us if you’re craving some peanut butter pie or Oreo cheesecake after finishing this quiz! But we totally won’t judge you for indulging in some caramel ice cream, double chocolate chip brownie cake, or berry pavlova if you ace it. You deserve to treat yourself!