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Only a True Johnny Cash Fan Can Pass This Trivia Quiz

Are you a true Johnny Cash fan? Do you know how to “Walk the Line” or do you fall into the “Ring of Fire”? The man born J.R. Cash was one of the most influential musicians in American history, creating a genre of classic country that was all his own. Even more interesting than his musical career was the life he lived. Having lost his brother at a young age, joining the military, struggling with substance abuse, and living as a country music superstar, Johnny Cash was one of the most interesting men in history. How much do you know about the Man in Black? Do you know where he was born, where he bought his first guitar, or which branch of the military he was enlisted in? How about his biggest fears and presidential connections? Which farm animal broke his ribs and what did he name the camper that started a forest fire? Only a true Johnny Cash fan can score 10/12 on this trivia quiz. Prove that you can “Walk the Line”!