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Only a Genius Can Correctly Use “Effect” and “Affect”

Certain words in the English language are commonly confused. They’re, their, and there tend to cause troubles, and figuring out whether you should use compliment or complement is always a doozy. But one pair of words that seems to trip people up the most? Affect and effect.

Did she affect or effect her brother’s opinion? Are you looking for effects or affects in your study? It’s possible no one knows which word to use in these sentences, and we’re all just guessing. But maybe, just maybe, you’re the grammar wizard we’ve all been looking for, the one who knows if we effect change or affect change.

So it’s up to you now; take the quiz. Find out if you know the difference. And maybe, just maybe, you can explain to the rest of us how the heck we’re supposed to know when to use which one. Go forth grammar guru, and show us how it’s done.