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Test Your Smarts With This Tough IQ Quiz

Let’s start this one off with a pre-quiz quiz. Have you ever watched a game show on TV and thought to yourself “I could do that” or “Ken Jenning’s ain’t got shit”. Have you ever gone to trivia night and carried your team to an easy victory? Think it’s time for a step up? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this quiz is for you — it’s time.

So open a new tab to google every question we ask — you want your friends to think you have an IQ comparable to Steven Hawking, don’t you? Now’s your chance to prove to every person you’ve ever met that follows you on Facebook that you’re the smartest person in their friends list. Now’s your chance to prove to your parents that majoring in English wasn’t a mistake after all. Now it’s time to prove to that ex that you’ve still got it. So go forth, quiz, and be merry.