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Which European City Should You Live In Based On Your Flower Choice?

We would all love to escape to Europe and live a life of luxury, am I right? Well, we are going to give you that fantasy. All you have to do is pick a flower, your favorite flower, the one that speaks to you, and we’ll tell you where in Europe you should live your dream life! Do you prefer delicate, whimsical flowers, bright bold colors, or a beautiful combination of beauty and strength? Whatever choice you make, we will match you with your perfect European city! The feelings that flowers evoke is similar to the feel and look of a city, so there is a great correlation here. Maybe you are looking for your next vacation destination, or maybe you really are ready to make a permanent change! In either case, this is the quiz for you! There is no shame in dreaming a bit, is there? Go on, choose a flower!