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Pick a Nose, and This Quiz Will Reveal Three Words About Your Personality

Noses can say a lot about someone’s character. What does your nose choice say about you? This short quiz will reveal what we all we here at MagiQuiz need to know about you. With the information we gather from the noses you pick (get it?), we will be able to reveal the three words that describe you best. First, you will choose from a series of human noses. Go for the one that speaks to you. It could be the nose that most resembles yours, the one that looks like that of the person you love most, or it could just be the nose that you find the most pleasant. Next, you’ll pick a farm animal nose. The key here is to go with your gut. Remember, your choosing the best nose, not necessarily the best animal that accompanies that nose. Of course, you’ll also have to keep that in mind for the next and last nose to pick: the pet nose. Choose the one that’s so adorable you just want to squeeze it.