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Pick Your Favorite Pups in Clothes and We’ll Describe you in 3 Words

Everyone knows that dogs are good. Big woofers, tiny puppers, and heckin’ dogs are all our friends. But do you know what’s even better than a dog? A dog dressed up in person clothes. It truly does not get better than that. And you are about to be blessed with dozens of dogs in people clothes, dogs wearing hats, dogs in sweaters, dogs in costumes. Brace yourself for this storm of cute.
Of course, this is a quiz, so you get more than just fifty perfect pups in pants. Your choice in dogs will give us some very keen insight into what kind of person you are, and we’ll sum you up in just three adjectives. All you have to do is pick the pups, and we’ll give you the insight. Bing, bang, boom. Dogs AND personal insight? What more do you need in life? Brace yourself. Some A+ dog content is coming your way.