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It Isn’t Junk Food If It Makes You Happy, Right? What Does Your Taste In Junk Food Have In Common With Your Significant Other? Take This Quiz And We’ll Tell You!

Junk food is amazing — almost as amazing as a good first kiss or falling in love. Who doesn’t love junk food? Who doesn’t love love? Chances are you love one or both of these things… Snacks, love… What more do you need in life? If you love potato chips so much, why don’t you marry them, you know?

Junk food is good because it’s junk: It has absolutely no nutritional value, it just tastes good and makes you happy. Similarly, no one else loves your significant other the way that you do. There’s no doubt that your relationship status directly reflects your personal tastes. We’re venturing to guess that your relationship status can be revealed if you tell us your favorite junk foods. It’s not an exact science, it’s just a matter of taste, but you’re probably wearing your heart on your taste buds, not your sleeve. Take this quiz about snacks and we’ll reveal your relationship status! Then, let us know if your significant other got the same result!