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Pick Your Last Meal and We’ll Tell You When You’ll Die

It is easy to take the best meals for granted. But we bet there are some really memorable meals that you have had in your time here on Earth. But which meal is your absolute favorite? Was it that fancy homemade pasta dish from your trip to Italy? Or is it that pizza joint in your hometown that has the best crust in the world? Maybe it is something your mom or dad makes for you anytime you come home. Think about it. Which meal would you just die for? Literally. This quiz will ask you all about what you would eat for your ideal last meal, and then we will tell you when you will die. Morbid? Yes? But aren’t you curious? At the very least, you will leave this quiz hungrier than when you started it. How much would you enjoy your last meal ever? Tell us your perfect last meal and we will tell you when you die.