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Plan a Bachelorette Party And We’ll Guess When You’ll Get Married

Bachelorette parties: the ultimate girls’ night out. One of the closest women in your life is getting married! What could be better?! Um, you throwing a huge party as a preemptive celebration of her throwing a huge party (a.k.a. her wedding, but let’s be real — it’s a party). There comes a time in every woman’s life where she’s either asked to plan a bachelorette party or is invited to one and honestly, no two are alike — just like weddings!

How do you bring your bride into married life via your combined chosen methods of debauchery, vacation time, and group hangouts? That’s entirely up to you. But, there’s no denying the root cause of bachelorette parties is an upcoming MARRIAGE. And since there’s no avoiding the topic… when will you get married? We can predict the exact age you’ll get married (or maybe you already did! Congratulations!) by how you plan a kickass bachelorette party. Let’s go!