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Plan Your Thanksgiving Dinner To Reveal Your Decorating Style

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that makes you feel warm, cozy, and so full that you’re forced to take an hour-long nap immediately after dinner. You’re surrounded by family and friends, and it really makes you grateful for everything you’ve been blessed with.

So how do YOU do Thanksgiving? Do you try to put a healthy spin on the meal to try to minimize the massive amounts of calories you consume? Or do you go all-out with piles of mashed potatoes, heaping spoonfuls of macaroni and cheese, and big chunks of turkey drowning in gravy? Do you get a classic 20-pound bird? Or are you trying out the popular meatless “Tofurky” this year? Walk us through every detail of your Thanksgiving day meal and we’ll reveal what your decorating style is. Ready to get started? Grab an apron and let’s get cooking! WARNING: This quiz might make you VERY hungry.