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Plan Your Weekend and We’ll Tell You What Netflix Show to Binge Watch Next

Everyone looks forward to a nice, relaxing weekend. It’s your time to recharge from the week, catch up on your sleep, and get things done that you’re not able to do Monday through Friday. So what’s your idea of a perfect weekend? Is it sleeping in, grabbing lunch with friends, making a trip to the grocery store, and heading home for a laid-back night in? Or do you get up early, go out for brunch and stay out until past midnight dancing the night away? Are your Sundays designated family days? Or do you like to mostly do your own thing on the weekends?

Walk us through a typical Saturday and Sunday and we’ll pick a show on Netflix to binge-watch next. While you may or may not have already seen these series, they’re definitely worth a re-watch.

Ready to find your new favorite show? Kick back on the couch and let’s get started!