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Shop on Black Friday And We’ll Reveal Your Best Quality

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. It’s traditionally the day on which those of us looking for a good deal descend upon stores and malls everywhere in the name of a good bargain. It can get pretty intense. Those who are best prepared come out victorious and those who have no idea what they’re in for can get easily overwhelmed. Black Friday is essentially a holiday unto itself (not to mention a sport) at this point and therefore brings out the worst in people, but also the very best.

How you spend money, especially when it’s in large quantities on a single day, speaks a lot about your character. What do you buy? Who do you buy for? How well do you handle stress? Do you stay within budget and miraculously keep calm? Regardless of how you feel about Black Friday, we can easily surmise the best thing about you based on your Black Friday shopping habits. Take this quiz and find out for yourself!