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Break Up With Your Significant Other And Blame This Quiz

Breakups… No one wants to do them. But sometimes you need to. If you feel like you need a little help getting over the line, and maybe some reassurance you’re with the right special someone, this quiz will help. Just answer a few basic questions about you and your boo and you’re on your way to the right answer.

Sometimes it’s hard to know if a relationship is going in the right direction. Are we building toward something great and longlasting or is this just slowly deteriorating until we both hate each other. I get the cat in the divorce. You can keep the rice cooker.

Here’s the thing. Maybe you just don’t want the pressure of giving that person an answer when they ask you why you’re breaking up with them. Let us be that answer. Just tell them “a quiz made me do it”. Let us tell you what you should do.